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6EP1437-2BA20 SITOP PSU300S 24 V/40 A

  • Manufacturer Part No: 6EP1437-2BA20
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  • Weight (kg): 2.1kg

Technical Information
Technical specifications
ProductSITOP PSU300S
Power supply, type24 V/40 A
Input3-phase AC
Rated voltage value Vin rated400 V…500 V
Voltage range340 V…550 V
Wide-range inputYes
Mains buffering at Iout rated, min.6 ms
Mains bufferingat Vin = 400 V
Rated line frequency50 Hz/60 Hz
Rated line range47 Hz...63 Hz
Input current / at nominal level of the input voltage 400 V1.7 A
Input current / at nominal level of the input voltage 500 V1.5 A
Switch-on current limiting (+25 °C), max.60 A
I²t, max.3.4 A²·s
Built-in incoming fusenone
Protection in the mains power input (IEC 898)Required: 3-pole connected miniature circuit breaker 10 ... 16 A characteristic C or circuit breaker 3RV2011-1DA10 (setting 3 A) or 3RV2711-1DD10 (UL 489)
Outputcontrolled, isolated DC voltage
Rated voltage Vout DC24 V
Total tolerance, static ±3 %
Static mains compensation, approx.1 %
Static load balancing, approx.2 %
Residual ripple peak-peak, max.150 mV
Spikes peak-peak, max. (bandwidth: 20 MHz)240 mV
Adjustment range24 V…28 V
Product feature / output voltage adjustableYes
Output voltage settingvia potentiometer
  • Note
max. 960 W
Status displayGreen LED for 24 V OK
SignalingRelay contact (NO contact, rating 60 V DC/ 0.3 A) for "24 V OK"
On/off behaviorNo overshoot of Vout (soft start)
Startup delay, max.1.5 s
Voltage rise, typ.15 ms
Voltage increase time / of the output voltage / maximum500 ms
Rated current value Iout rated40 A
Current range0 A…40 A
  • Note
30 A up to + 70 °C, 48 A up to +45 °C
delivered active power / typ.960 W
short-term overload current / at short-circuit during run-up / typical65 A
Duration of overloading ability for excess current / on short-circuiting during the start-up120 ms
short-term overload current / at short-circuit during operation / typical65 A
Duration of overloading ability for excess current / on short-circuiting during the operational phase120 ms
Parallel switching for enhanced performanceYes
Numbers of parallel switchable units for enhanced performance2
Efficiency at Vout rated, Iout rated, approx.91.5 %
Power loss at Vout rated, Iout rated, approx.89 W
Closed-loop control
Dynamic mains compensation (Vin rated ±15 %), max.3 %
Dynamic load smoothing (Iout: 50/100/50 %), Uout ± typ.1.5 %
Load step setting time 50 to 100%, typ.1 ms
Load step setting time 100 to 50%, typ.1 ms
Setting time / maximum10 ms
Protection and monitoring
Output overvoltage protectionYes, according to EN 60950
Current limitation, typ.50 A
Characteristic feature of the output / short-circuit protectedYes
Short-circuit protectionElectronic shutdown, automatic restart
Enduring short circuit current / Effective level / maximum14 A
  • Note
overload capability 150 % Iout rated up to 5 s/min
Primary/secondary isolationYes
Potential separationSafety extra low output voltage Vout according to EN 60950-1 and EN 50178
Protection classClass I
CE markYes
UL/CSA approvalYes
UL/cUL (CSA) approvalcULus-Listed (UL 508, CSA C22.2 No. 107.1), File E197259; cCSAus (CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1, UL 60950-1)
Explosion protectionATEX (EX) II 3G Ex nA nC IIC T3
CB approvalYes
Marine approvalGL in process
Degree of protection (EN 60529)IP20
Emitted interferenceEN 55022 Class B
Supply harmonics limitationEN 61000-3-2
Noise immunityEN 61000-6-2
Operating data
Ambient temperature / in operation0 °C…70 °C
  • Note
with natural convection
Ambient temparature / on transport-40 °C…85 °C
Ambient temparature / in storage-40 °C…85 °C
Humidity class according to EN 60721Climate class 3K3, no condensation
Connection technologyscrew-type terminals
Connections / Supply inputL1, L2, L3, PE: 1 screw terminal each for 0.2 ... 4 mm² single-core/finely stranded
Connections / Output+, -: 2 screw terminals each for 0.5 ... 10 mm²
Connections / Auxiliary13, 14 (alarm signal): 1 screw terminal each for 0.14 ... 1.5 mm²
Width / of the housing150 mm
Height / of the housing145 mm
Depth / of the housing150 mm
Installation width150 mm
Mounting height225 mm
Weight, approx.3.7 kg
Product feature / of the housing / housing for side-by-side mountingYes
Type of mounting / wall mountingNo
Type of fixing / cap rail mountingYes
Type of mounting / S7-300 rail mountingNo
InstallationSnaps onto DIN rail EN 60715 35x15
Mechanical accessoriesDevice identification label 20 mm × 7 mm, pastel-turpuoise 3RT1900-1SB20
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